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Created : 2018-01-31


Nickname : Icecold
From : United States United States
Age : 21 years
Language : English
Level : Silver Silver
Role(s) :
- Carry AD
- Carry AP
- Jungler
- Solo top
- Support


Hello, fellow summoners, I am looking for a team/band of casual players to play with and just do whatever. Right now I am Silver V but that's only because that' what I got placed in, I haven't bothered to play rank since. I'm mostly on every day so I'm most likely available but that might change a bit due to personal events. As for roles ate concerned, I don' have a lane preference but I would say my strongest role right now is support due to me playing a lot of support but at the same time if I'm in a party of 5, I don't mind filling, ill just take what's left. I'm currently lvl 41 but I have played league since 2-3 years, so I'm not new or anything, this is just a new account. Alright well that about it as far as myself goes, so I'll see you guys at the rift. Btw, I'm Na, sry forgot to mention that. My summoner name is IAnonymousGamerI.

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