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Created : 2018-04-08


Nickname : Harry Pickles
From : United States United States
Age : 26 years
Language : English
Level : Silver Silver
Role(s) :
- Carry AD
- Carry AP
- Jungler
- Solo top


Hello! I am trying to recruit for a up and coming eSports Org sponsored by Twitch with 23 different game divisions.

There are many social & game events every week, Casual & Competitive teams, huge forums with online XP system, active members on teamspeak 24/7, Twitch & Youtube streamers, activity honor & achievements, and over 1,000 members.

I am recruiting for our league of legends division where we have players from Bronze elo all the way up to Diamond. So whatever you are looking for we are going to have! Join Casual teams, Competitive teams, Attend many different events every week, just have duo partners around, and much more! You can visit our website to get a better look at our community! dmg-inc.com


If you are interested in joining please just message me back on here or add me in-game at Harry Pickles

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