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Created : 2018-06-27


Nickname : Almador
From : United States United States
Age : 19 years
Language : English
Level : Silver Silver
Role(s) :
- Carry AP
- Support


Hey! My name is Parker or Almador in game, and I am looking for a team to play on that can help me climb. I am not looking to go very competitive, because I keep my focus on stuff that is important to me in real life, but I am seriously hoping to join a team that is fun and growing! I am 18 years old, an honor graduate, that excels in sports and loves to do things on the computer. I own a very nice laptop I bought myself and have a mic and a pure, stronghearted desire to get better. I am a mid lane main who plays mainly certain champs. I have learned Orianna (200k+ mastery points), Lux (200k+ mastery points), and Nautilus (150k+ mastery points). And I am getting pretty dang good at Karthus and Le blanc so once you talk to me ill probably be able to play them in ranked. The reason in which I have such high points in these champs is that I do not feel comfortable playing champions in ranked unless I completely know them. I hope to be able to join a team and wish everyone the best of luck climbing. 

P.S. if I see you in ranked, ill show no mercy.

P.P.S= I am Almador in League. Just add me :D

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