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Created : 2018-11-28


Nickname : Unsafegaming
From : Netherlands Netherlands
Age : 20 years
Language : English
Level : Silver Silver
Role(s) :
- Carry AD
- Support


i have been playing LoL for about an full year now and have been trying ranked games since 3 months. (despite losing most of my matches) i feel like i can maybe get higher up if the right people and good coaching. all i need is to find those people (which will defiantly be hard to do so)

i also used to stream my games, but because of technical issues (pc shutting down for no reason) i have taken a step back from that and just primarily been focusing on learning from the games i play without help of anyone. so far i dont do to bad. (i have been playing about 50/50 of my games as adc and support with sometimes a big lose because of slight mistake i have made)

but right now for me is the most important to find someone that can help my progress into becoming a better player.

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