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Created : 2019-06-26


Nickname : Mastermrgt
From : United States United States
Age : 20 years
Language : English
Level : Silver Silver
Role(s) :
- Carry AP
- Solo top


League Username: Mastermrgt

IGN: YaBoyDeelon

Rank: I'm currently silver 1 in ranked solo/duo. I know that I can climb higher than that but to be frank, I haven't really played rank that much in the past month. I started last season a few weeks before pyke was released but didn't really play consistently and try to improve until last summer because my college was hosting an intramural tournament. 

Reason: As stated above, I joined an intramural team for college that had two tournaments over the semester. My team placed 2nd the first semester and 1st in the second semester winning three of five games. While on those teams I really enjoyed myself and the game much more. It wasn't just queuing for another game. It was different. I liked playing for a team; I liked representing something once again. I did sports all throughout highschool and one of the things I really enjoyed was people rallying behind me to help me bring home the win. I realize now that I want to push even further to see how much I can improve and if I can join a more serious league. 

Main Role: I main top lane but also enjoy playing mid. Although I do not have mastery over a decent amount I champions I can learn quickly to fill a different purpose if need be. That's actually how we won the intramural tournament. With my friends I'm normally the hyper carry of team but on my intramural team we had a diamond player who was the shot caller. I knew he was the hyper carry and I accepted that and became more of just a carry/support to him. I went top lane Rammus to win us the game. Not to stomp my lane or anything like that but to win us team fights and that I did. 

The reason why I love top lane is because I played three years of smite before I started playing league. During my years of smite the solo lane wasn't often ganked and even when it was it wasn't constant pressure. To me, the 1v1 means more than anything, atleast in the beginning of the game. Because if I beat that player with no help or even better, their jungler is ganking for them but mine isn't and I still win that just proves I'm better. Win or lose after that I know it wasn't because my laner got fed off me because I won lane. After that I just need to use my influence to win my team the game. With jungling you have to constantly move around the map and duo lane well, there's two of you and I hate not being on the same page. Finally, top/solo lane tend to be bruisers/tanks. I love jumping into battle and just  trying to demolish the enemy carries and when I can't, split push!

Attitude: For better or worse, I'm that laid back F7 kind of guy. I don't see the point in surrendering most of the time because it's more beneficial to stay in the game. Even when I'm queued with people who want to surrender and are getting frustrated at me if I use my vote to say no I just simply don't care. If I don't surrender that means I see something that can happen. Whether it be a learning experience with a high chance of loss or a game where the enemy team is ahead but sloppy. That means we can win. And more times than not, we do win. I don't normally rub it in that I was right unless my friends constantly nagged me to surrender and said the game was hopefully. Playing from behind is one of the best learning experiences in the game. Atleast to me. What good is it if you're way ahead? Sure, you can practice not throwing the lead but I feel that should be easier than making a come back. 

Being behind in Track and Field was no different for me. When I was running the 4x800 meter relay I always got the buton in 3rd or 4th place. By the end of my 800 meters I had caught up or passed 1st place in order to give our 4th runner a clean run home for the win. Something in me just liked chasing down my opponents and it's no different for video games. The win is much more satisfying when you were just previously losing.

ConclusionThose are what I deemed to be the big points that I should include for my profile. I'm a Silver 1 top lane main with potential to climb higher should I choose. I'm a team player and I don't tilt. Sometimes I do make the executive decision that me split pushing and not helping with team fights is the better call, even if my laner is helping. I warn my team that that's what I am doing and they should becareful because I am not coming. Generally when I do this the enemy team will send one or two people my way, sometimes even more which I feel helps my team push the other lane(s) or take an objective. That will be all for my profile and thanks for reading!

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