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Created : 2019-07-28


Nickname : Scorchflash
From : United Kingdom United Kingdom
Age : 19 years
Language : English
Level : Diamond Diamond
Role(s) :
- Carry AD



I'm a D2 adc main from UK currently looking for a position in a team that is hopefully D4+ or around that bracket. I'm interested in the competitive scene and having struggles trying to find a team that is serious about the team where they consistently play regularly and take all their practices seriously and gain knowledge from every win and loss they go through, Tilt/Flame/Negativity is never necessary and only ruins the experience and environment for the team.

I am willing to provide a confident ADC player for you that is :

  • Comfortable in a wide range of champions Mainly being Xayah, Jinx, Sivir, Draven, Kai'sa, Tristana, ontop of champions I am currently practicing Jhin, Ezreal, Varus. I am more than happy to also play ap mages botlane but my current mage pool is smaller where Cassiopeia and Neeko are my only ap champs

  • I am confident enough to play competitively unless any other champ is required for me the practice then I will more than happily pick them up for my roster.

  • A cool headed player that is enthusiastic to get into the competitive scene fully prepared for whatever troubles we'll encounter along the way.

  • Willing to learn, able to take criticism as well as hand it out equally in order to improve the team as a whole, if I see something wrong I'll point it out.

  • Consistent timetable able to play every day starting from 3PM till later at night 1-2 AM if needed.

What I expect from the team:

  • High level gameplay, An environment free of tilt/negativity

  • Other enthusiastic players whether experienced or not, looking to join the competitive scene both looking to enjoy their time but also looking to improve as solo players and team players

  • Able to provide a consistent schedule that will be followed regularly in order to actively practice our roles and to build synergy with one another, Eventually looking to participate in leagues and tournaments when the manager/coach sees us being ready and prepared.

Because team play is so vastly different to soloQ it's tough to decide whether somebody is good enough to join a team but it's more about their mentality and how much time and effort they are willing to put in to the team itself where skill will be learnt as time goes on naturally. Where I am confident in my abilities, I do not have as much experience in competitive play and need to start somewhere so I would be very grateful for anybody that can provide me with that opportunity and I will in turn give all that I can to do my best for the team.

If you would like to take me aboard I have easy access to discord to contact me on for more information.

Discord : CinnimonBun#1998 (Case Sensitive)

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