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Created : 2019-12-01


Nickname : Sarorian
From : United States United States
Age : 17 years
Language : English
Level : Platinium Platinium
Role(s) :
- Carry AD
- Carry AP


About Me: Hello! My name is Owen Wilson, but in games I (almost) always go by Sarorian. I'm 17 and have been playing    League of Legends for almost 5 years (since season 5). I'm a mid lane player, comfortable on a wide range of champs, such as Aurelion Sol, Syndra, Cassiopeia, Heimerdinger, Rumble, Qiyana, Yasuo, and many more. I have been learning ADC aswell, and fell somwhat comfortable on that role, but not as much as mid.


My League Career: I started playing League of Legends in August of 2015. I thought it could be a fun game for my and my friends to all play together. I quickly found that I was better than my friends, and I was learning a lot quicker. That following season (season 6) I tried ranked and got absolulety destroyed and didn't play any more after that. At the start of season 7, I decided to try ranked again, this time I told myself that I would comit to getting placed. After going 0 and 13 in my first 13 games, and getting placed bronze 4; I didn't really want to keep playing, but I decided to keep going. At the time I was playing Jungle and learning Aurelion Sol in the Mid Lane. I ended the season Silver 5 or 4 (I can't remember). That next season I felt like I was very good on Aurelion Sol. I played him in the Pre-Seaosn and in a lot of Normal games. That season in ranked I peaked Gold 1 but ended Gold 2. During that Pre-Seaon, I got to Platinum, which I was very proud of. I told myself that I wanted to go up a full rank each season, and by the time I want to college I wanted to be high Diamond or Masters. This season (Season 9) I played almost all Mid Lane and peaked Platinum 1 40LP, but ended the season Platinum 3 0LP. This Pre-Season, my goal is to get into Diamond.


My Goals: I really want to join a gaming community so I can experience what It feels like to play in a competitive enviroment and train with a team. I signed up for this website with that goal in mind, and I'm hoping I can get some recigntion from teams. I tried being on a team before called "Damage Inc." but that was a Teamspeak and Fourm based team and that didn't appeal to me, because I only use discord and didn't end up checking the other places.

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