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Created : 2018-04-04


Team : Imperium Esports
Nation(s) : United States United States

Looking for bronze and silver!

Looking for : 5 Player(s)
Language : English
Level min : Bronze Bronze
Professional team : Yes
Remuneration : No
Role(s) :
- Carry AD
- Carry AP
- Jungler
- Solo top
- Support


Greetings! We here at imperium esports are creating a new lower elo team to train, improve and eventually compete in leagues like obsidion and compete league, We strive to make players succeed with a dedicated coaching staff and numerous veteran players to help pave your future in league of legends, we are currently looking for bronze and or silver players for our new installment team to round off our divisions in certain league and hopefully produce players that live up the expetations in local competitions around the country! we look to make you the best players you can be! We wont give up on you, with good work ethic and attitude to learn we can make you you meet your goals and strive in league of legends.

We are currently looking for bronze and silver players for every role! must have discord! If you wish to apply please try to email me at sonicmatt123@gmail.com also feel free to shoot me a message on here! if you cannot email me, will look over every application and give everyone a chance! thank you to everyone who applies on behlaf of everyon ehere at imperium esports!

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