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Created : 2018-04-15


[NA] Looking for Unranked-Silver I

Looking for : 4 Player(s)
Language : English
Level min : Unranked Unranked
Professional team : Yes
Remuneration : No
Role(s) :
- Carry AD
- Carry AP
- Jungler
- Support


The Hysterical Hyenas is a new and upcoming North American team.


Let me intoduce myself

Hello! My name is Joey and I am the coach/captian of the team. I created thi team so that 5 individuals can get together and play League of Legends. I want to help people improve their ranking and also how they work with people. League is a game based souly on skill and a the captian I want to help everyone on the team succeed in those skills. 

I am looking for low Elo (unranked - Silver I) players that are willing to take this seriously. I can promise a un-tiltable environment that will help you improve as a player. 


Click on this link and fill out all the information. Once I have read through your application I will contact you on discord! Good luck and I hope to talk to you soon. 


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