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Created : 2018-07-10


Team : TGZ
Nation(s) : Netherlands Netherlands / United Kingdom United Kingdom / Austria Austria

[euw] [high plat/dia] Team LF serious support

Looking for : 1 Player(s)
Language : English
Level min : Diamond Diamond
Professional team : No
Remuneration : No
Role(s) :
- Support


Hello, I am the teamcaptain of Team TG, we are a highly competitive high average low dia team. Our support left the team cause of availability problems, so we are looking for a new dedicated support. This is what you need to know before applying:

About Team TG:

- Team that is hungry to improve
- Experienced coach/teamcaptain
- Euw server
- High Plat/dia mmr http://euw.op.gg/multi/query=fallenrain%2Cfabianum%2Cbennekommer%2Cfunnyskillsz
- English speaking

TG’s Goals:

1. By far our biggest goal is improving as a team, which means also as individual players, by working hard to fix our mistakes.
2. win Challenger mode tournaments
3. Get Diamond 1 in flex as a team.
4. Our long-term goal is to make it to an ESL competition.

What can the support expect from TG:

1. A dedicated team which is willing to work hard in order to improve and reach our goals.
2. A very skilful coach who wants to help you and the team reach our goals, but only if you work hard of course. He will also draft for the team in the competition.
3. A experience teamcaptain who knows how to lead a team. [I myself am the manager of a master-tier team (team legion).]
4. A structured way of improving, scheduling and doing paperwork


What TG is expecting from you (the support):

1. To have a ‘’hungry to improve’’ mindset, willing to work hard to get better. This comes with a openminded attitude, towards the coach, but also the other players.

2. To have similar goals as TG.

3. To have the time to practice 6-8 hours a week with the team (most of the time practice on Friday/Saturday/Sunday) we also expect around 15-21 solo queue games or more a week on average.(some weeks will be busier than others, ofcourse) (this is average of 3 a day)

4. To be plat 3+ mmr

5. To have team experience as a support and that you are a support main.

6. To be looking for a long-term team.

7. To have a not-toxic attitude

8. To be able to tryout in the upcoming weekend.

9. To be willing to change your championpool and to learn a balance between mastered champions and having a good championpool, preferably already have a good championpool. We try to stick to the meta.

10. Preferably to have experience with being coached as well.


Please do add me if you are interested!
(discord name: BENNEKOMMER#9705)

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