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Created : 2019-04-24


you won't regret

Looking for : 0 Player(s)
Language : English
Level min : Silver Silver
Professional team : No
Remuneration : No
Role(s) :
- Carry AD
- Jungler
- Solo top
- Support


Looking for players in Europe ( ukraine in the 1st place ) , im not a russian speaking person , English Only , From Morocco , but i have some dreams that i have to achieve and i would like to have experience while playing with people , and get to the point of being pros By Learning together and exchanging ideas and Tacitcs etc...

i have few requirement for joining the team : 

- Speaking English fluently , not necessary to be a god in English , we are all learning still 

- being a chill person who accepts jokes and Joy without getting offended , just for one reason which is having fun and getting closer 

- having a good gaming setup so we will not suffer from someone that has a 30hz Monitor or someone who plays with 30fps , just for better experience  , as Nvidia Said " the more fps you have the more good you will be " and that's a fact .

#i will gladly accept anyone and everyone  , just accept the fact that im a person who makes jokes a lot and have fun , but when things are serious , everything/everyone should be serious .

Join me and let's build everything up from the bottom .

contact email : yassine-knell@hotmail.com

Steam           : Knell 

Happy to hear from all of you 

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